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Bacon lovers found this.


Both sides

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Parents of the world, when you teach your kids morality, also teach them about the cost. Children need to know that being moral will mean not getting many things they want in their lives. I feel that this disclaimer is often too small a footnote. The earlier they know this, the more reasonable they will get with their expectations. Deep down, life decisions are a safety vs. satisfaction optimization problem*. And at least according to me, it is better to know about the trade-offs than to believe that one is better than the other.

*More on this later

Aukaat, I’m coming

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I realized recently that the Hindi/Urdu word “Aukaat” does not translate very well into English. Aukaat is a sphere of limitation imposed upon a person by virtue of his socio-political standing. A person is often warned in India, to stay within his Aukaat.
Conversely, “Liberty” does not translate into Hindi/Urdu very well. In essence, Liberty is the absence of Aukaat based limitations.
If you think about it, a culture decides to reduce an idea to a word when it appears frequently enough to warrant a shortcut for it.
It is really sad that in India, we have no word for Liberty, but have one like Aukaat.


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So I have returned to college and it’s been fun so far. More on that later, but what I’d like to share quickly is this nifty tool for inserting equations into most editors. You can drag equations created on this page into almost anything on most browsers*. I used to have a tough time with this earlier. (I wonder if this is common knowledge, and I’ve been living under a rock)

So if you’re really itching to insert beautifully formatted equations, as I am sure most of you are, try this out.

(Site claim, I have only tested on Friefox 7.0.1)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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Original comic can be found at : http://www.smbc-comics.com/


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Joel Watson has a subtle point.

For more : http://hijinksensue.com/

Edit (12/12/2011): It’s months later, but I got to see Watson in action at our University! Unfortunately though, some of the joy was dampened by Cal beating us quite convincingly (Watson beat everyone with twice the points).

Ok Cupid?

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I am a bit of a statistics enthusiast who often wonders about the difficulties in conducting very large experiments. Therefore, what the folks at OkCupid are doing is very interesting to me. This illuminating insight is a must read. While the article is brilliant, here are a couple of points not specifically noted there.

Here are the reply rates on OKCupid for men of different races:

And here are the reply rates for women:

  • Indian Males are the least replied to racial subgroup on OKCupid. If I make a disputable correlation with attractiveness, in an as widely represented pool as OKCupid’s, Indian Males are the least attractive racial group.
  • While Indian Males are the highest replying recipients for messages from Indian Females, the group that responds most poorly to Indian Males is – Indian Females.


(Images from okcupid.com)

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