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Goodbye Cardinal

Posted in Sentimeter with tags , , on November 27, 2013 by Rohit

Goodbye Stanford; goodbye warm Californian sun; goodbye cheering for the Cardinal, jumping with the band, and learning traditions; goodbye being reminded you are not the smartest one in the room, in every room; goodbye serenading Matlab into wee hours, hunting for C parking, forgetting what Rudy’s is like after calling the right shots, joking during yoga on the quad, and nurturing patience with team projects; goodbye great conversations being easy to come by and great ideas only slightly more difficult, goodbye meeting people drastically different and realizing you’re the same; goodbye tired meals at Arrillaga, indulging at Ike’s, and caffeinating at Coupa; goodbye untarnished youth and unbridled imagination and all that you taught me not to forget, goodbye constant new learning, relearning math, rushing against deadlines; biking look-ma-no-hands because it’s cold, and rides to the city on busses with disco lights; goodbye walking the Dish amongst fearless squirrels, and class-participation with idealistic co-terms; goodbye pretty libraries, movies in the basement, and music in abandoned corners. But most of all, goodbye friends! Good luck life ahead, trying to follow this class act.


All that

Posted in Sentimeter with tags on June 6, 2009 by Rohit

All that we should live for in our lives
is locked up
in a fist sized organ,
a pound of flesh
which beats and beats and beats,
pushing to its farthest reaches.
But it gets it all back dirtied,
and we live by our reason.



Posted in Sentimeter with tags on June 6, 2009 by Rohit

The cold creeps up my feet in a vine like embrace,
crawling toward and ridding my heart
of the little warmth it holds
in distant memories,
and my fingers of the will to sense.
It imprisons me in an acute awareness
of isolation, the futility of my pursuits, the smallness of my stride
and the sad poetry in doomed fallen snow.
The barren trees,
the biting wind and the idle skies
dispense melancholy in abandon
and in the midst of such cold,
I yearn.



Posted in Sentimeter with tags on June 4, 2009 by Rohit

Today I experienced absolute silence.
The kind of silence where
when I dragged at my cigarette, I could hear it burn;
I could watch the amber tip brighten
amongst tiny rustlings of burning mellow leaves
that were stringing a coda in the face of their destiny,
one last time
before they would partake forever
from the quiet of their ashes.
The kind of silence that quelled poetry is made of.
The kind of silence that could witness something end
and remain unfazed,
mature in its knowledge
of the insignificant hue and cry
that is always put up
at the final moments
of any voice that had made a deal to die,
for a momentary stray into its spotlight.
The kind of silence that’s laughing at the end,
from the beginning.



Posted in Sentimeter with tags on June 4, 2009 by Rohit

The frailty of all things created
with mighty opposible thumbs
is there for a few to see.
The rest lie unaware, unmoving, undone.



Posted in Sentimeter with tags on June 4, 2009 by Rohit

Putting a void in my heart
into which flowed poetry, sadness
and music that would flow through my veins
and stain my breath
with the deepest of crimsons.
A crimson that reeked of pain and beauty.
The crimson that shaded my words.



Posted in Sentimeter on June 4, 2009 by Rohit

Yonder, the land lies
I saw in my gaze
The fare to where is
the best of my days


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