Goodbye Cardinal

Goodbye Stanford; goodbye warm Californian sun; goodbye cheering for the Cardinal, jumping with the band, and learning traditions; goodbye being reminded you are not the smartest one in the room, in every room; goodbye serenading Matlab into wee hours, hunting for C parking, forgetting what Rudy’s is like after calling the right shots, joking during yoga on the quad, and nurturing patience with team projects; goodbye great conversations being easy to come by and great ideas only slightly more difficult, goodbye meeting people drastically different and realizing you’re the same; goodbye tired meals at Arrillaga, indulging at Ike’s, and caffeinating at Coupa; goodbye untarnished youth and unbridled imagination and all that you taught me not to forget, goodbye constant new learning, relearning math, rushing against deadlines; biking look-ma-no-hands because it’s cold, and rides to the city on busses with disco lights; goodbye walking the Dish amongst fearless squirrels, and class-participation with idealistic co-terms; goodbye pretty libraries, movies in the basement, and music in abandoned corners. But most of all, goodbye friends! Good luck life ahead, trying to follow this class act.


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