Ok Cupid?

I am a bit of a statistics enthusiast who often wonders about the difficulties in conducting very large experiments. Therefore, what the folks at OkCupid are doing is very interesting to me. This illuminating insight is a must read. While the article is brilliant, here are a couple of points not specifically noted there.

Here are the reply rates on OKCupid for men of different races:

And here are the reply rates for women:

  • Indian Males are the least replied to racial subgroup on OKCupid. If I make a disputable correlation with attractiveness, in an as widely represented pool as OKCupid’s, Indian Males are the least attractive racial group.
  • While Indian Males are the highest replying recipients for messages from Indian Females, the group that responds most poorly to Indian Males is – Indian Females.


(Images from okcupid.com)


One Response to “Ok Cupid?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The header on that matrix should read ugly Indian men šŸ˜›

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