Pawar struggle

Sharad Pawar had important people to please today. He was scheduled to meet the delegation of American investors in a private setting. He was no fool. He knew very well that a man in a suit with somebody’s money is just a more dapper version of the bureaucratic babu. His greed can be a very powerful ally for making things happen. But fulfilling greed is a difficult proposition. An easier alternative is building obligation. And there is no better way to build obligation than to indulge a respectable man in little taboos that the powerful have easy access to; little pleasures he will readily indulge in, behind closed doors. Because with secrets comes implied trust. With trust comes camaraderie. The money of course, will soon follow.

That is why he arranged for the topless dancers.

Her name was Sunaina. She could bend herself around a pole till she broke the hearts of intoxicated old men who had nothing to go home to and dirty foreigners with secret fetishes for chocolate skin. She was twenty two, gyrated to raunchy music with passion and shed her clothes in a smoke filled room with small people and big pockets. She put her heart to it like an artist and smiled when the spotlight shone. She put her legs around strangers who put money around her waist and picked up tiny pieces of fabric she’d put back on in a dark room when the song was done. But while she walked back from the stage, where the lights were dim and attentions astray, there was a distance in her eyes which was the only truth in the whole act. Sharad Pawar saw this and it made him strangely pensive. When his eyes met Sunaina’s he was suddenly overcome with an immense grief. There was something very sad about a woman who has to put a price on her dignity. He started weeping. He just couldn’t stop. The tears rolled down his cheeks and he had to excuse himself. He left the room in a hurry, trying hard to compose himself.

Amidst blaring music and disco lights, the visitors, though enthralled by his hospitality, could now see that it was true, a titty day woed Pawar.

(With style cues from krishashok)


8 Responses to “Pawar struggle”

  1. How much did you have to drink, and what? Now I don’t feel so bad about the prevaricate joke I mailed you in the morning.

  2. HA! – Din see that coming.
    Was going through your blog yesterday – Like your style 🙂

  3. theshermancometh Says:

    I thought you will end it with Pawar tripping.

  4. shermonster Says:

    Paw her? But I don’t even know her.

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