Black and Voight

John Voight was a haughty old man. Nestled in the isolation of the rolling hills of Dehradun, he spent his days betting on inter-school bicycle races. Races, that were soaked as much in youthful exuberance as textbook Marxist class struggle. It brought him spare change and abandon. He could use it, helpless that he was against long inevitable lapses into misery that the stoic hatred his daughter buried in her sullen eyes brought about. Although she never said it, Jo knew that his infidelity had cost her her mother. He was repentant. But she would not forgive him. She owed that much to her mother.
Aamir, this year’s winner, knew this. He was drawn recklessly to the old man’s money and the fair maiden’s woe. Tired and bloody from a hard fought battle, he had earned the one glimpse he wanted of beautiful Angelina. So, as he collected his winnings from Voight and walked away, he strained hard towards the western end of the mansion. There she was! He could forget the exhaustion, his brother’s injuries, blistered knees, the winnings, the glory and sweat for this one moment. Angelina Jolie looked so serene against the blood crimson sun that it was hard to imagine that Jo ‘Cheater’ Voight sickened her.

(In honour of grand master Shenoy)


6 Responses to “Black and Voight”

  1. Hahaha!!! Masterpiece! First time here and lovin’ it!

  2. Awesome! A true whiny rant!

  3. This is a #punyouwouldgetpraisedfor 😀

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