Me Meme

This meme had me intrigued.  So here’s my set:

  • to sharpen technology
  • to be versatile
  • your help
  • to talk
  • some serious cricket of the longer variety
  • to back his claims
  • to grow up
  • to earn some money
  • a special mention here for his ability to adapt to any situation
  • all that and more

Even Google can see through me. Sigh.


5 Responses to “Me Meme”

  1. blabla no blog anymore blabla hijack blabla

    Only A Draw For The Title
    to leave Aatif Aslam alone!!
    to welcome singers/artistes from neighbouring countries
    to improve his fielding
    [to] learn how to respect other singers!
    A network of people with whom I can discuss.
    6 ELO rating points to reach the 2500 mark

    blabla only seven? blabla
    blabla name you’re blabla commonly blabla?

    a break
    to stop touching little boyz
    just eight wins to reach 800 for his career

    I’m so sure this comment will be flagged by Akismet.

  2. Nice tittle. Just got it.

  3. to stop touching little boyz

    So it’s not just me Google sees through. I don’t feel bad anymore.

  4. It is you. Search for ‘katte’.

    Go forth and feel bad.

  5. *clears throat*
    What little boyz?
    *walks away whistling*

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