“But whatever, I write a comic strip. Who cares. Greater men than me have gone to their graves having made equally meaningless differences in the world. I just fuck around on the Internet and later some dude buys a shirt so that I can live my life and pay Driveway Tax or whatever. I sleep at night, and one day I won’t wake up. On that day, people in BMWs will drive past my house and honk at my neighbor as he tries to back out of his driveway. Fog will roll in. A grown man will get fired from McDonald’s. Someone will ride the train home, and it will clang as it passes my street. I will be dead, and they’ll put me out with the Monday morning trash, my feet sticking comically up out of the can.” – Chris Onstad (creator, Achewood)


One Response to “Onstad”

  1. the company you keep these days…..

    … is he hungry too?

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