Ear today…

I was right. One of your last minute concerns if you decide to end it all by jumping off a nicely elevated place will be acute ear pain on account of the sudden pressure difference. Annoying little detail I thought you should know was left out of ‘Learning to Fly’. My theory is that, that is why they are all screaming.

Jeez people, close your nostrils and mouth and blow, for chrissake. Close your mouth in any case.


3 Responses to “Ear today…”

  1. chewing candy also helps 🙂

  2. I had almost forgotten how funny u used to be katte! Great job on the blog, now be good and get back in touch with me.

  3. Hallo. Chanced upon your blog sometime back ( maybe a link from dp) and chanced to see it again. About the ending it all bit.. seems real scientists [] are actually documenting the whole thing, as in


    thought you might be interested.

    oh, and we probably met by chance in msrit some years back . chance. ha haaha.

    cheers. and nice blog.

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