Not to wish to see too soon

“As long as one lives through an experience, one must surrender to the experience and shut one’s eyes instead of becoming an observer immediately. For that would disturb the good digestion of the experience: instead of wisdom one would acquire indigestion.” – Nietzsche

If you know, tell me how.


2 Responses to “Not to wish to see too soon”

  1. do you mean surrender to experience part ?

    an analogy

    televised football

    the experience of the player who kicks the winning goal
    versus the spectator , commentator or tv viewer

    four acts … actual … once removed .. twice etc
    four experiences …. actual …

    if the football player is detached from the experience
    he moves to spectator … if the internal dialouge too
    loud …. he is twice removed …. three times removed
    and he may as well be at home jumpimg on the couch

    and the excitement of winning is basically fake

    so i guess the idea is not to remove oneself from

    regards mx

  2. I couldn’t agree with mx more.Hi mx!*waves*

    I have lost a few good years of my life in analysis and observation and awareness,thanks to that bastard Osho.

    I still am a level away,though.I observe that I dont observe .

    I hope and pray its not muscle memory yet.

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