How am I

Everything’s splendid. The sun shines and the women are pretty. The wine flows and the children sing in the rain. People don’t age, nothing costs money and childbirth involves no pain. The good things last and the bad disappear in a blink. No one dies of a heartbreak, none are judged, one realizes one’s dreams and they still hold their esteem, and free will is never subject to fortunes. People value service more than profit, moments more than time, talk before they think through their truths and admit to erring and small,small causes. New ideas are welcome, new laws work the first time and pets gone rabid walk away into the sunset with dignity intact. The grass is always greener on this side, everybody recycles plastic and vehicular emissions cause daisies to bloom. Grandmas are agile and have no regrets about their past lives and grandkids don’t care much for Nintendo. Santa Claus is real and comes twice a year and God has a plan for everyone that involves learning or luxury or love or all. My kidneys are in their prime, my thought never meanders and my diet has the RDA of everything and then some. Never ending spring time is here to stay; I feel like singing,yes.


2 Responses to “How am I”

  1. Sanjana Says:

    If I didn’t go through it firsthand already, you’d have me converted. 😛

  2. Oh.

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