Bank on me

Today I saw a display of logic that was, to say the least, deeply disturbing. If the gene responsible for this remains in the human gene pool for long, finding a cure for cancer might just not remain the topmost priority of the medical fraternity. So here’s the story, I just saw it in passing but I am giving you as much information as available: A motorbike on the road is blocking some road space because it’s parked right in front of a bank. A lady, who apparently wasn’t the rider is standing beside it, guarding it from the occasional cop trouble. The psychos, having put up a no parking sign, might just come to make sure. Sure enough, a cop walks up to her and asks, “Why is this vehicle parked here?”. To which she points into the bank and replies, “He’s gone to the bank.” *That* is her explanation. She had a good ten minutes and that is what she thought up. She has a look on her face like she’s just demonstrated how global warming can be stopped. Distilled, full bodied logic. She is guarding a wrongly parked vehicle and her story is : “Rider is at the bank”. Oh really? Into the bank you say huh? No problem then, go ahead and keep it parked here. I know a bank emergency when I see one. What was it, add on credit card? Did he remember just in time? As long as he’s upto some personal work, it’s okay to block traffic. Your bank work is right up there, amongst the populace’s concerns. Shit, you must be the first ones to think of how convenient this particular style of parking can be for the whole banking outing, no? Ask him to grab a snack on the leisurely stroll back. Freaking psychos!


2 Responses to “Bank on me”

  1. You know what they say about AI and stupidity.
    Thanks for a good laugh.

  2. Parikshith Says:

    Can you safely say that you cant really bank on a woman? 🙂

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