Einstein’s imminent fall from grace

This article is demonstrative of the highly superior quality of journalism that we Indians receive on a daily basis. Little wonder that we end up so smart. Sharma’s equation here not only takes on one of the pillars of established genius, but gives us a value for Energy which might be ”less, equal to or more than predicted”. I can think of millions of uses for an equation like that. What a USP! Use my equation and wonder what it’s finally going to be. Will our hero survive? Will peace be restored? Will the children sing with their nanny again? Only time will tell. Sharma also points out for us some often missed facets of formulating Physics equations: In physics, there are well-established methods to get equations. Just like there are well established methods to assemble IKEA furniture. Physicists are such an elite lot only because there are so few copies of it and they are all in Yiddish. And : a specific mathematical derivation should not be based on speculation, but arrived at after hard research. Now who would know that?! Yes sir. No big wheel with shiny colours. Sorry. Not for the equations. I know who your Uncle is, Sir, but we need to see some hard research. And: Einstein just handpicked values of parameters out of numerous possible, to obtain the equation. The bastard. How could he gamble with the lives of millions like that? And with that hairstyle!

I can’t believe this guy. At best, he has generalised Einstein’s equation. Riding on Einstein’s research. And apparently, to no great use. And even if that is the case, that does not take anything out of the original’s merit. Grow up! But then, he can be forgiven. He’s only chasing fame. The moron who printed his story without even a basic sanity check(only a google was required) deserves nothing less than a state sponsored lobotomy.


5 Responses to “Einstein’s imminent fall from grace”

  1. I feel – to denounce something to be false, you should be knowing the truth

  2. Mister anonymous, you’re right – to debunk something, you should know the truth (or even be knowing the truth). And mister Indian-media takes advantage of that; they know that hardly any Indian knows anything of any value (leave alone special relativity). I, too, don’t know enough to comment on the article, but I DID do a bit of research on my own (smug grin), and I *don’t* trust a guy who posts like this:


    A guy who posts on an epistemology group to validate his theories in physics is weird. I should know, I was once weird (and possibly still am).

    For a full text of Ajay Sharma’s paper:

    At least two people on the internet have contested his claims. For one that will give you some sort of an idea about what sort of a person Ajay Sharma is, check:

    I Googled for ‘ajay sharma e=mc’.

    Another thing that I grossly disliked about AS (*not* Abhijit Shylanath) above was the way he went on about how the scientific community has accepted his article (on the basis of it having been published in a few journals). AFAIK, *anyone* with entry money can submit to a lot of not-so-reputable journals.

    Katte, I have a feeling that the above anonymous poster was actually the man himself. Blessed we are.

  3. And about the article on ibnlive itself, it’s a supreme example of bad journalism, at the very least. It doesn’t mention credibility sources, it doesn’t educate, it doesn’t seem to have done any work besides rolling in to office and chatting with the secretaries. And it’s got a 9.3 voting. Decide for yourself. If you think it’s crap sensationalism, please vote it down.

  4. i happen to think the hairstyle is rather fetching..[:p]…pardon the []..the damn orkut in me is to be blamed..
    anyways saw your profile in the fm community and anything remotely close to nonsense intrigues me…yep that was a compliment..go figure..[:p]
    nice movie review..snake and planes..man the sheer creativity…
    its been nice but i must be off eating butterflies now..toodles.

  5. Download Einstein’s original papers from
    These paper illustrate how Einstein put forth Special Theory of Relativity and derivation of E=mc2.

    (i) Paper of Special Theory of Relativity (June 1905 paper)
    Einstein, A. Annalen der Physik, 17 891-921 (1905)

    (ii) Paper in which E=mc2 was derived (Sep 1905 paper)
    A.Einstein, Annalen der Physik 18 (1905) 639-641.

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