Great Snakes!!

We have late releases of movies in India. Which means, I just watched Snakes on a Plane. And loved it. Brilliant!! And to the point. Snakes on a plane. Not one of those annoying movies where one has to walk in in anticipation of the plot. Here it’s laid out for you; “Snakes on a plane.” There were snakes. And they were on a plane. But the people in it just wouldn’t shut up. So here’s the twist: The jerks get bitten. (Now who saw that coming?) And the good ones live. (Whoa!! Double surprise.) I love these movies which go beyond their titles.


2 Responses to “Great Snakes!!”

  1. Going by your sense (!!) of humour, the blog is no surprise. Too much of trash and I think I will have to keep coming back everyday to check on it. And I am goin to ask others to keep a check on it as well…such literature should not be tolerated in solitude.

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