Subject to conditions

I got a mail today with an interesting subject line. I was immediately drawn to this mail. I could feel it emanating a strange kind of charm. One that draws a casual mail browsing Average Joe towards sitting up and noticing the finer things in the mailbox. The real world equivalent being, alluring flowers that one smells while on the way to something important. It was a stroke of genius; the subject line. Finally, the truth in the old adage, “It’s all about choosing the right words” dawned on me.

Here is a screenshot of my mailbox. Look at the last mail.

Yes, the subject line in question is: “Teenage Robot Hyper Monkey Dance Power Go”. Elegant prose at it’s best. An eclectic collection of emotion stirring words with no meaning, but… a strong sense of purpose: Luring the reader into opening the mail. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be terribly keen to know the contents of a mail announcing itself with:

  • Teenage (All clergymen would open the mail upon reading this.)
  • Robot (Nerds, this.)
  • Hyper (Management trainees, this.)
  • Monkey (The Backstreet Boys, this.)
  • Dance (John Travolta, this.)
  • Power (Senior management, this.)
  • Go! (Everyone else, this.)

Especially the last one. “Go!”. A precise message straight into the populace’s subconscious. I hope whoever wrote this got amply rewarded.


One Response to “Subject to conditions”

  1. “skin” would have got another major section…both PETA and porn customers.

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