Miss-ing classes

I recently saw a Khajuraho sculpture of an acharya dispensing knowledge to a class while the class was being ‘attended upon’ by ‘court dancers’. That was how they did classes a thousand years ago in India! Yes, the ‘dull’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘unenlightened’ medieval Indians I’ll say, certainly knew how to liven up boring lectures. They had solved, once and for all, the problem of student attendance for courses as ass-numbing as Advanced Thermodynamics; with simple obliging court dancers. That is not unenlightened; that is spot on enlightened. But just a thousand years later, what did I, a wide-eyed direct descendant of the medieval Indian student get? A shabby deal with only the boring lecture. No goodies. No court dancer. And on top of that, I got punished for failing to concentrate. Incentive system out; punishment system in.

Medieval Acharya: “You can’t concentrate you say, huh? Maybe Miss Suzie here can help you ease some.. uh.. stress (winks)”.

My lecturer: “Aye you, exercise questions four through four hundred. On my table, by noon. That’ll fix your staring out the window!! (fumes)”.

What the?! Of course, I weep. Yet, I’d like to pin the blame on the Britishers. With their courts without court dancers (and disturbingly, a judge with a curly blonde wig) they had to come, impose their uptight education systems and ruin it for me. Whatever happened to adopting the best of the native culture?


2 Responses to “Miss-ing classes”

  1. Miss Suzie?! Your Malayali side is raising your voice..

  2. I think Miss Agadhakantha is more appropriate 😉

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