Insatiable Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a greedy hag. She wants it all. For a dimwit who can’t make out Superman with glasses on, she did very well to win that Pulitzer. But does that keep her happy? No. She has to two time poor Richard. Yeah, Richard who stood by her when Sooperman, who ditched her to go look for mommy, was not around. All this, in spite of Superman’s ridiculous costume. Did you know that the new Superman suit is built of tiny superman logos? I felt so informed after knowing that. Really? Tiny Superman logos, you say huh?. Wow. That makes it soo much better. The only thing more ridiculous attire-wise was Ronaldinho’s headband at the soccer world cup, the one with an ‘R’ in a box. I am sure it made him feel like a prince. Prince Arbandonmyheadyeahbabyyeah. Coming back to Miss Lane, I know why she did it to Richard. Two reasons. One, he can hardly hold up a falling Jumbo jet. And two, he rarely takes Miss Lane into the stratosphere without the assistance of machinery. Two solid reasons. There is also the matter of a very ordinary looking suit on Richard. Have you seen the way she treats Clark Kent though? Come on, tell me women can really be that opaque to obviousness. Something tells me that that too has to do with him not being able to fly or something. Oh, and don’t even get me started on her whining for covering the best stories. “Me, me..I want the top story, More Pulitzers. More fame, glory. World Domination.” Aargh. Superman should move on and go for Lex Luthor’s chick. Fine example of a woman with principles. Assisting a guy kill millions aside, I mean. And let Miss Lane drown, the next time. Maybe even fly over, wear glasses,wave and laser her Pulitzer as she’s sinking.


2 Responses to “Insatiable Lois Lane”

  1. Dear, dear, dear Katte… Fret not, I have fathomed her mind.


    We may dance now. Don’t worry about Lois, she is imaginary.

    I liked the movie, though. Except for the ending. Too cliche.

    You inspire me to start my own blog.

  2. Shiznit...Peep this shit Says:

    You’re right muh ma fuckin nigga. Kill da skank ass beeotch Lois Lane an’ git on wiff life. and git Sheniquah’s ass back ova’ heeah.

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