Gillette Surprise

What is it with Gillette? Their engineers sit around for years researching ‘cutting edge’ (Ooh, I crack myself up..) technology and finally, when the moment of truth arrives, decide to add…another blade. Every time. I can imagine their board meetings. Stiffling suits, plummeting profit worries, constant water sippings, worried looks and a slow moving fan. And then one of them gets up and goes, “Dudes.. you know what we can do?!!” And some of them go, “Shite man!! Awesome. Now, why didn’t we think of this before?” Just look at the timeline here: 1901 – One blade, 1971 – Two, 1998 – Three, 2006 – Five. Seventy years, Twenty seven years, Eight years. That’s a good sign. It means the current lot are quick learners. By Gillette standards, of course. Only eight years, for their breakthrough. And notice that in 2006, while everyone in the world thought Gillette would add another blade, they surprised us all by not doing it. Yup, no typecasts for Gillette, sir. No way. They added…two blades. But my own pet theory is that there was a four blade Gillette. With some design flaws. And they gave a pre-production complimentary one to Frank Ribery. Let’s just say that Gillette quickly discovered the design flaws. And Ribery no longer accepts anything complimentary. That could explain his throwing out mints from under his pillow wailing, “The horror, the horror!!” Oh wait, I almost forgot. Competitors Wilkinson one upped the Mach3 with their four blade system. And Gillette quickly issued a press statement saying, “The simple addition of another blade does not itself improve a shave.” Really?!


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