Hippy Shakira

Shakira graced the FIFA World Cup finals with an inimitable rendering of her profound song “Hips Don’t Lie”, which if you think deeply about, you will realise is a lot of truth. I have personally been within hair strand width distance of acquittals more than a couple of times, but unfortunately for me, was forced to lay open to examination my morally upright.. hips. So Shakira decided to use a near whole world TV audience and a conglomeration of world leaders and soccer hooligans to remind them that there is no such thing as a perfect getaway. In no uncertain terms. Yes, she said it out loud and clear, “Hips Don’t Lie.” You can work on the nerves and cold looks for as long as you want, but finally they’ll turn you around and then you are screwed. And taking it one step further, showed how some hips, for instance her own, not only “Don’t Lie” but “Don’t Lie Still” either. Or she did something really bad, because that could explain why she was trying to shake her hips right out of her anatomy. Albeit very very graciously. I must admit she looked remarkably charming for an evil woman trying to get rid of evidence. Maybe charming is a wrong word. Let me put it this way, I saw Materazzi point at her and say something to Zidane, and Zidane, say lip reading experts, replied that he would reply to that during extra time. Of course I signed up for her hip focus evasion classes, which all that shaking was for, I learnt eventually. I figured it would definitely aid my intended life of constant crime. But it never went anywhere because everytime she showed me the shake I would stop breathing, build up some mental imagery and say,”Umm.. I didn’t get that, can you show me again?”


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  1. Shake it ra

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